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Scène de Pierre Moro : Sex Nurses - Scene # 4

  • Sex Nurses - Scene # 4 drapeau francais Durée : 23min Télécharger Visionner
    Résumé :
    Considered as true wonders of nature, these 2 nurses tickle our senses by revealing their flagrant talents. Their skins are incredibly soft, they can not help caress themselves unceasingly while exciting handsomely. Without being able to wait to arrive in the bedroom, they begin their antics on the table of the family home. They enjoy the finesse and freshness of a cat welcoming the lips of another woman, seeking to provide the ultimate ecstasy, long coveted. In the other video A nurse walks on all fours towards the tense chibres of patients, like a bitch in heat! She turns into a wild predator, and swallows without chewing two bitts that seem tiny in her mouth! This is a real machine to suck the glans chain! One of the guys pushes the tail deep in her pussy soaked! Surprised, she can not even scream. But the poor do not doubt what awaits her! Just the time for the two guys to harden their penises, and now they fuck it in double penetrations! His poodle puck is literally pulverized, torn! The blows of violent pines hurt him at the same time they make her cum!
    Points forts :
    The delicious pussies of these nurses
    Avec :
    Réalisé par :
    Pierre Moro

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